Universally Iranian: artists without borders

Iranian art faces certain expectations from the global audience. Matteo Lonardi from the Guardian tells the narrative of Iranian artists who have emigrated from their homeland and deal day to day with dualism in their art. “On one hand, they want to make art speaking to universal issues. On the other, the market may expect their work to reflect a homeland where they no longer live.”

In this interesting article, Leonardi showcases the stories of Iranian artists and how they navigate a world in which the market expects their work to look a certain way. Nicky Nodjoumi, Shirin Neshat, Bizan Bassiri, Taravat Talepasand, Fereydoun Ave, Taraneh Hemami, Y Z Kami, Mitra Fabian, Babak Golkar and Amir H Fallah share their stories and how that influences their personal artistic vision (Featured below).

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