Three Iranian women artists showcased at the Edward Hopper House Art Center

An artist’s vision can be inspired by the many things they experience throughout life; yet, going back to their roots is a persistently strong theme in their art. The Edward Hopper House Art Center is a strong believer of that idea and advocates artists from diverse backgrounds.

The Center’s latest exhibition, “Where We Are Standing: Contemporary Women Artists From Iran”, focuses on three Iranian women’s art. A combination of various media, photographs, and paintings tell their personal story. Roya Farrasat, Golnar Adili and Shabnam Ghazi all experienced Iran through different eyes and use their art to express it.

Carole Perry, the curator for the exhibit, explains in an interview with the New York Times that she chose Farrasat, Adili and Ghazi for the “unexpected parallels” in their work.

The exhibition will run at the Edward Hopper House Art Center until April 24th.