18th Iranian Film Market Showcases 150 Iranian Films

The 18th Iranian Film Market runs from April 27th – May 2nd, 2015. Several Iranian film organizations such as, Farabi Cinematic Foundation, Press TV, Deayat Media, IIDCYA, Hozeye Honari, Eshragh Institute, IRIB Channels, and DEFC, have been presenting their films to the foreign guests of the 33rd Annual Fajr Film Festival.

Below are some of the films being shown this year:

We Have Guests, Angels Come Together, Mezar Sharif, Rana’s Silence, Nahid, 360 Degrees, Wednesday 19th Ordibehesht, Haji Shah, Fatness, Time For Love, Confessions of My Dangerous Mind, The Blue Sky of My Mother, Iran Burger, Paris to Paris, Morning of the 7th Day, Bet, Father of the Other, I Am a Mother, All That Men Do Not Know about Women, Bloody Wednesday, Parviz, One Night, A Man Who Became a Horse, From Tehran to Heaven, Dandruff, Red Carpet, Snow, Two, Closer, Taboo, Rainy Station, and We Are All Alone.

Documentaries presented by DEFC include: Atlan, I Want to Be a King, Mr. Workless, The Dolls Do Not Know, Fried Fish, The Host, The Law of the Jungle, Champions, and the Robes.

In addition to the films mentioned above, over 300 short, animated, and feature-length films will also be shown to international guests. Maryam Naghibi, head of the Iran Film Market, said more than 300 short films, animated films and feature films were presented to international guests.

This is an incredible event where people from all over the world gather to see what Iran’s filmmakers have to offer. Delagates from film festivals around the world, producers, filmmakers, and those eager for collaboration all attend the Film Market to make connections, network, and perhaps find cinematic gems to share with audiences at home.

[Image via Tehran Times]