Tehran Graphic Design Week, 2014

The Tehran Graphic Design Week opened at the Iranian Artists Forum on Sunday with a display of posters by a group of young artists in an exhibition entitled “Minus 30”.

Works by 168 graphic designers aged less than 30 and all coming from across Iran have been put on show at the exhibit, the forum reported in a press release on Sunday.

All the works on display have been selected by a jury panel including Qobad Shiva, Majid Abbasi, Alireza Mostafazadeh and Tahereh Mohebbi.

A solo exhibition displaying works by veteran graphic designer Abbas Saranj has also been set up, while an honoring program has been arranged on the sidelines of the exhibit.

In addition, a selection of works by German graphic designer Fons Matthias Hickmann (born 1966) has been put on display in an exhibition on the side section.

Hickmann is a professor of communication design at the Berlin University of the Arts. He founded “Fons Hickmann M23” studio which focuses on the design of complex communication systems.

The exhibit will be running for one week in the forum located on Musavi St., off Taleqani Ave.

The weeklong program has been organized by the Iranian Graphic Designers Society under the auspices of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) to celebrate April 27, which is World Graphic Design Day.

[Source: Tehran Times; Image source: Tehran Graphic Design Week Facebook]