Iranian Art Shines at Bonhams Auction

Iranian art shines at Bonhams auction! Bonhams recently had it’s bi-annual Islamic and Indian Art auction in London. The auction featured work by many well known Iranian artists and resulted in total sales of $7,554,769.14.

TEHRAN – Iranian artworks shined at Bonhams sale of Islamic and Indian Art in London on April 8.

An acrylic on canvas by Hossein Zenderudi was sold for £158,500 [$266,117.53], and the calligraphic painting by Mohammad Ehsaii was sold for £92,500 [$155,269.39], Bonhams announced on its website.

Farhad Moshiri’s accumulation of wooden panels, doors, books, textile fragments and oil paintings laid onto a board fetched £72,100 [$121,047.24].

Moreover, Parviz Tanavoli’s “Heech” depicting the Persian word “heech” (nil) was sold for £18,750 [$31,478.68], and the painting on paper by Ardeshir Mohasses gained £7,500 [$12,591.47].

Abbas Kiarostami, Aidin Aghdashlu, Reza Derakhshani, Ali Shirazi, Nasrollah Afjeii and Afshin Pirhashemi were among the other Iranian artists whose works were sold at the auction.

An important painting of a Great Indian fruit bat or flying fox by Indian artist Bhawani Das with its 1.5 meter wingspan sold for £458,500 [$769,747.03] at Bonhams. The sale achieved total sales of £4.5 million [$7,554,769.14].

The Islamic and Indian Art department holds two sales a year covering a wide range of art and artifacts dating from the 9th to the 19th centuries. This includes Arabic and Persian manuscripts, pottery, metalwork and glass, ivory, jewelry and stonework, Ottoman Turkish works of art (silver, textiles, arms and armor), and Persian material.

[source: Tehran Times] [Image source: Ali Shirazi | Bonhams]