Ancient Meets Contemporary Event Success!

What a wonderful turnout we had at our latest opening exhibition Ancient Meets Contemporary featuring the works of Iranian painter and sculptor Chahab. As the guests poured in through out the night, so did their appraisals of the beautiful and captivating works that hung on the walls of Tara Gallery.

“I’m an artist because it is my spiritual need and livelihood. To thrive, I must remain in a perpetual movement of creation” – Chahab

This perpetual movement that drives the artist Chahab was evident across the walls of Tara Gallery on Saturday as visitors were astounded in the utter beauty this collection holds. The sandy yellow, fire truck red, rosie pink, and cobalt blue hues of Chababs pieces create a natural flow of movement through the room as viewers look from one painting to another. Contrasting the harsh white walls of the gallery, Chahab’s colors evoke a drastic distinction of calming pastels with vibrant pigments. His forms interpret familiar shapes, historic elements, and dream like images that leaves each viewer finding a piece of them self within it. As one guest was asked to pick her favorite, her response exclaimed ” I find something different I love about each one”. As wine was poured and laughs were had, Chahab’s art hung on the walls amongst the other guests as if they were waiting to be examined. The intricacies of each work ask for such attention to detail, that viewers found themselves exploring each piece for a multitude of moments; every second finding a new line or saturation of color that they did not notice before. It is safe to say that whatever force of movement drives this artist, it is taking him in his best direction. If creativity is his fuel, then his works are a direct result of the artist’s drive to create something filled with life and expression.

As a special treat for the visitors, Chahab him self was present at the opening giving a special Art Talk on his works, doing a signing of his self titled book Chahab as well as meeting some of his biggest fans! Here are a few photos from the opening. If you missed it, the works are on display at Tara Gallery until January 15th. Do no miss the opportunity to see these wonderfully intricate works in person!