56th Venice Biennale features 30 Iranian Artists

As Italy has always been one of the leading epicenters for the Arts in Europe, it is only natural that they are the home to one of the biggest international art expositions in the world. The Venice Biennale, also knows as La Biennale di Venezia takes place every two years throughout various locations in Venice, Italy. This year from May 9th to November 22nd is the 56th edition of this international art exhibit featuring representations from 53 countries from around the world! Iran will have an astounding 30 artists on display to illustrate the many facets of Iranian art, both historic and contemporary.

The theme chosen for this year is “ All the Worlds Futures “, which curator Okwui Enwezor describes as:

“The ruptures that surround and abound around every corner of the global landscape today recall the evanescent debris of previous catastrophes piled at the feet of the angel of history in Angelus Novus. How can the current disquiet of our time be properly grasped, made comprehensible, examined, and articulated? Over the course of the last two centuries the radical changes have made new and fascinating ideas subject matter for artists, writers, filmmakers, performers, composers, musicians. It is with this recognition that the 56th International Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia proposes All the World’s Futures a project devoted to a fresh appraisal of the relationship of art and artists to the current state of things”

The artists who will represent Iran will be chosen by a large council of international curators, along side the high council of the Tehran Museum as well as private sectors. The area allocated to Iran in the festival spans across 2,000 square meters. The director of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Majid Mollanoruzi, has noted that various kinds of works will be exhibited including painting, sculptures, calligraphy works, and instillation pieces. Mollanoruzi exclaims, “We aim to introduce Persian art at the biennial in the best way possible, and great masters and artists including veterans, youth and females will be selected to represent an image of all contemporary art of Iran”.

This news could not be more exciting for Iran and Iranian art. This will be Iran’s 5th time participating in this international exhibition bringing forth Iranian artists as leading participants in the global art scene.

Stay tuned to find out which artists have been chosen!

La Biennale di Venezia
When: May 9th – November 22nd, 2015
Where: Venice, Italy (Giardini and Arsenale)