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Haiku Reviews: ART 2014 Roundup III | Huffington Post – 09 January 2015

Hossein Khosrojerdi featured in Peter Frank’s Haiku Reviews: Hossein Khosrojerdi is best known for the work he produced in Iran, digitally composited paintings that spoke to social and political conditions under the Ahmadinejad regime. After that regime consolidated its power in a suspect election in 2009, the writing was on the wall for Khosrojerdi, as for so many of his fellow artists, and he left the country. []



Ancient Meets Contemporary at Tara Gallery | Life In La – 19 December 2014

Tara Gallery is proud to present Ancient Meets Contemporary, a collection of works by Chahab Tayefeh-Mohajer, an Iranian born contemporary artist who goes by the single name Chahab. []


Ancient Meets Contemporary by Chahab at Tara Gallery | Westside People Magazine – 16 December 2014

Tara Gallery on Montana Avenue held a recent opening for Chahab Tayefeh-Mohajer hailing all the way from France for his first solo exhibition. Ancient Meets Contemporary. The exhibition will show until January 14. []


Ancient Meets Contemporary:Chahab Tayefeh-Mohajer at Tara Gallery | Persianesque Magazine – December 2014

Born in Iran, and educated in Holland and France where he graduated with honors in Fine Arts from Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, contemporary artist Chahab Tayefeh-Mohajer’s first solo exhibit, “Ancient Meets Contemporary”, will be on view at Tara Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, through January 14, 2015. []


Redefining Home by Acclaimed Iranian Artist at Tara Gallery | Westside People Magazine – 25 September 2014

Tara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of acclaimed Iranian expatriate Hossein Khosrojerdi. The show opened on Saturday Sept 20 with a reception and continues until Oct 15. Currently living in self-exile in London, Redefining Home is Khosrojerdi’s first solo exhibition in the United States. []


Q&A Hossein Khosrojerdi’s first U.S. solo show opens at Tara Gallery | LA Times Culture Monster – 20 September 2014

Tehran-born Hossein Khosrojerdi has enjoyed a more than 30-year career as a prominent visual artist. He represented Iran during its debut at the 2003 Venice Biennale (Iran’s first time participating in the contemporary art event after the Islamic Revolution) and two years prior his digital painting, “Gaze,” won the grand prize at the international Sharjah Biennial. []


Home is where his art is | The Argonaut News – 17 September 2014

Iranian expatriate Hossein Khosrojerdi draws from a deep well of personal history for his first solo gallery show in the U.S. []


Tara Gallery To Host Opening Reception Sept. 20 For Iranian Expatriate | Santa Monica Mirror – 10 September 2014

Save the date — Tara Gallery in Santa Monica has announced details of its upcoming exhibition featuring acclaimed Iranian expatriate Hossein Khosrojerdi. The exhibition opens on Saturday, Sept. 20 with a reception from 6-9 pm. The exhibition runs through Oct. 15. []


Iranian expat Hossein Khosrojerdi ‘Redefining Home; Tara Gallery in Santa Monica | Monsters & Critics – 15 August 2014

“Fluidity—not stagnation—drives my work. As a contemporary artist whose life has been varied by circumstance and change, I refuse to be constrained by specific style or genre. I feel a responsibility as an artist to reflect the inconsistent reality we live in.” – Hossein Khosrojerdi. []


Local Artist Featured At Santa Monica Gallery | Malibu Times – 06 July 2014

Daniela Schweitzer, a Malibu resident, will have her work, including her piece, “Fast Milonga in the Street,” at the Tara Gallery in Santa Monica. Schweitzer is one of three featured artists whose work will be on display through July 30. []


Local Artist, Patron Supports Iranian Art | Palisadian Post – 03 July 2014

Palisaden Dr. Daniela Schweitzer hosted an opening reception for her work in BLUE, A Painting Exhibition of Colors and Emotions at Tara Gallery, owned by fellow Palisadian Homa Taraji, on June 28. []


Schweitzer to showcase artwork at Tara | Malibu Surfside News – 30 June 2014

Malibu resident of 17 years Daniela Schweitzer will celebrated a reception for her 10 pieces of artwork at the Tara Gallery in Santa Monica on Saturday, June 28. []


Colors Remembered, a new Exhibition at Tara Gallery | Cinema Without Borders – 09 May 2014

On May 17th a new exhibition opens at Tara Gallery, to learn more about this event we talked to Homa Taraji, Director of Tara Gallery. []


نقاشی‌های آبستره هنرمند ایرانی در آمریکا | Honar Online – 12 April 2014

به گزارش هنر آنلاین، در این نمایشگاه که از ۱۲ آوریل (۲۴ فروردین) آغاز میشود و تا ۱۴ می (۲۴ اردیتهشت) ادامه دارد، نقاشی های آبستره مصطفی دشتی با نام “طبیعت ابسترکت” در کالی تارا در سانتا مونیکای لس آنجلس به روی دیوار مرود. []


.آثار دو هنرمند نقاش ایرانی در آمریکا روی دیوار رفته است | Honar Online – 11 March 2014

به کزارش خبرنگاهر تجسمی هنرآنلاین نمایشگاه آثار هنری فریبا بهرامی و حسین چراغچی که از روز اول مارس (۱۰ اسفند) در شهر لس آنجلس آمریکا آغاز شده تا روز دوم آپریل سال جاری میلادی ادامه دارد. []


Non Profit Tara Gallery Presents ‘An Oasis Of A Dream’ | – 15 January 2014

Santa Monica’s Tara Gallery has announced they will showcase the original and stunning works by re-nowned artists Goli Mahallati and Kamran Nikraven. The exhibit will commence on Jan 25th and will be available for visitors until Feb 19th, 2014. Both artists shall be in attendance to discuss the unique works with all guests including press outlets, collectors and art enthusiasts.  []


Unique non-profit Tara Gallery offers exclusive access to Iranian artists | – 6 January 2014

Located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California, Tara Gallery is a new, nonprofit art gallery, which focuses on contemporary and modern Iranian art. The unique and stunning gallery is a welcomed addition to this prestigious neighborhood, providing art, knowledge and culture for all.  []


New Santa Monica gallery showcases contemporary art from Iran | Southern California Public Radio [89.3 KPCC] – 3 January 2014

Iran has been in the headlines lately for its nuclear program and change in leadership. But one local Iranian-American woman — Homa Taraji — wants to bring a different side of her homeland to light: She’s opened a new gallery – Tara Gallery in Santa Monica – devoted to showcasing contemporary art created by artists living and working inside Iran.   []


Ribbon Cutting Held At Tara Gallery On Montana Avenue | Santa Monica Mirror – 07 December 2013

Tara Gallery, a newly established nonprofit art gallery focused on contemporary art, held a ribbon cutting ceremony sponsored by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Santa Monica on Nov. 19.   []


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Interview | Voice of America – 19 November 2013

Voice of America segment on Tara Gallery’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Watch as the Mayor of Santa Monica helps officially welcome Tara Gallery to the neighborhood! The ceremony, which took place on November 19th, 2013, was sponsored by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.


Tara Gallery in Santa Monica welcomes contemporary Iranian art | – 14 November 2013

When you think of ground breaking contemporary art, Iran is probably not the first place that comes to mind. But it should.  []


رویش “درختان سرزمین من” در آمریکا/ هنر ایرانی به لس‌آنجلس رفت | Mehr News –22 October 2013

[]  .گالری تارا در لس‌آنجلس با نمایش آثاری از هنرمندان ایرانی چون بیتا وکیلی، یعقوب عمامه‌پیچ، پونه جعفرنژاد و احمد وکیلی شروع به کار کرد


Tara Gallery – Grand Opening | Javanan Magazine

International weekly Persian language magazine article highlighting Tara Gallery’s grand opening and mission as a not-for-profit art gallery sponsored by the American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (AFCIA).