A Painting Exhibition of Colors and Emotions
June 28 through July 30, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28, 6-9p.m.
At Tara Gallery

Los Angeles, CA – June 19, 2014 – Tara Gallery is proud to present Blue, a starry-eyed exhibition unmasking the vulnerability, resilience and mystery of human nature in contemporary strokes. Blue features the works of Mehri Dadgar, Neda Dastgheib, and Daniela Schweitzer. Please join us at our opening reception Saturday June 28th, 6-9 at the Tara Gallery to celebrate the launch of this incredible testament of the human spirit on canvas.

A physician and a classically trained artist, Argentinean native Daniela Schweitzer recreates and interprets what goes undetected by the naked eye. Using people as her muse, she takes the subtle and seemingly commonplace gestures of the human body, and with the cunning use of light and color, transforms every slight bend of the finger, curve of the back or tilt of the head into a beautifully choreographed ballet.

Neda Dastgheib is an active member of the Iranian Artist Society whose incomparable work has seen the likes of galleries all over the world. She has a particular intuition using bold colors and sharp angles to create fluid movement and imply provocative contemplation in her subjects. The result evokes from the audience complex and familiar sentiments for which there are no words.

An alumna of the Tara Gallery, Mehri Dadgar’s incredible journey through the political labyrinth of Iranian politics has been a catalyst for much of her recent work. Every stroke of her figures and shapes is a statement of fortitude and purposeful rebellion. A former political prisoner, Dadgar has infused Middle Eastern art such as calligraphy, arabesque and miniature paintings with a contemporary Western influence to create a hybrid visual language that is universal and empathic.