Trees seem to me to be the symbol of life, consistency, and an undemanding love. I’m mostly concerned about the trunk of the tree rather than its leaves. Leaves to me portray the colorful yet fading aspects of life, while the trunks give me the strength to carry on with life.

Mahvash Joorabchi | Iran 2013

Tehran, Iran – 1950

B.A. in English Literature from American College, Tehran

Select Solo and Group Exhibitions
Four solo exhibitions in the most leading gallery in Iran, Golestan Gallery, in the years 2000, 2002, 2007, and 2001
One solo exhibition in Ava gallery in 2007
One solo exhibiton in Shirin gallery in 2008
One group exhibition in Servat gallery in 2003
Fifteen group exhibitions “Sad Assar az Sad Honarmand,” 100 pieces from 100 artists since 1997
One group exhibition in Pacific Art Gallery in Kona, Hawaii
One group exhibition in Boom O Rang gallery in 2009
Three group exhibitions for some public owned institutes from 2003 to 2004
Attending on 1st. Modern & Contemporary Visual Art Auction 2011
A few group exhibitions in charity clubs in different years
One group exhibition in Saba gallery 2011
One group exhibition in Kahane Honarmandan (House of Artists) 2012
Two group exhibitions in Tara gallery in LA, USA, 2013 and 2014
One group exhibition in UN, Iran for Charity exhibition on International day of Food (WFP) 2014
One group exhibition for Child Foundation Charity in 2014
One group exhibition in Haftnegah 7th. (Seven Views) Sale of the year in 2014

Society of Iranian Painters

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