Kamran Nikravan

For more than twenty years, I have studied, explored and enjoyed painting places, shapes and spaces in acrylic, oil, and mono prints on paper. Through my paintings, I have touched endless beauty and have met great people. California’s scenery has been the main inspiration for me to paint, from its deserts and beaches to its mountains. Most recently, I have focused on landscapes in California impressionistic style. At times the landscapes evolve to find themselves portrayed in an abstract way. Splashing the bright and vibrant colors frees me to express the depth of my perception beyond representational art.

My intention is to extend the feelings that motivated me to paint to my viewers. The images and emotions behind them are universal. Everyone has experienced and touched some of it throughout their journey in life, and if our mutual feelings meet, I have accomplished my goal.

Kamran Nikravan | Los Angeles, CA 2014

Tehran, Iran – 1949

Doctor of Medicine, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
Residency, Washington, DC
Brentwood Art Center, Los Angeles, California
Kline Academy of fine Art, Los Angeles, California

2013 Beverly Hills art Show – Beverly Hills, California
2013 Schomburg Gallery – Santa Monica, California
2012 Schomburg Gallery – Santa Monica, California
2012 Beverly Hills Art Show – Beverly Hills, California
2010 23rd Annual Brentwood Art Festival – Brentwood, California
2010 Royal Way Art Show – Santa Monica, CA
2009 Seyhoun Gallery – West Hollywood, CA
2006 Royal Way Painting Workshop

2008 Artwork featured on the cover of The Permanente Journal: Volume 12, No. 2